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It is called a jeep. Halberstam, David, The Coldest Winter, p. Honey wagon with honey buckets on top.

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I have a bathroom that is outside and made of wood. Municipal supplies at Inchon were not likely to remain potable once the fighting started. Water supply was especially important because most of the available Korean sources were contaminated. September 11, The ship sailed at 11 September.

Boat drawing.

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If you are a good girl, someday we will take a boat to Japan and climb Mt. Inchon was miles northwest of Pusan. Inchon Harbor had treacherous tides that could easily ground a flotilla of ships if they chose the wrong time but the American passage through the shifting bays and flats was flawless. Cumings, Bruce, The Korean War , p. September 16, The voyage was uneventful and the ship arrived at Inchon Harbor on 16 September.

Insert Yellow Beach photo below this annotation. The 7th Division strength on embarkation, including the attached South Koreans, was 24, September 19, The unit debarked on September 19, Insert annotation below Yellow Beach Photo. Marching through darkness to an assembly point, the men bedded down in abandoned buildings to await their equipment. Insert this annotation below the above annotation. Personnel were put ashore without vehicles and marched approximately four miles to an assembly area. While awaiting the unloading of the vehicles, the unit was located in abandoned buildings.

Weather Report - Korean War

Because of the difficult tides, it was three days before any of the vehicles were unloaded. When we first arrived, we felt sorry for the South Koreans and gave them food and cigarettes only to find they would resell them to their own refugees at exorbitant prices. Insert Photo. Caption is below. Insert annotation below map.

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The Americans won in the end because of their awesome firepower but they devastated the city in the process. One medical officer and thirteen enlisted men went into Seoul to set up and organize civilian medical facilities. No other medical care was available to these people at that time. Insert Seoul Rubble photo below this annotation. When the 2nd Clearing Platoon moved up to Chongami, they encountered a difficult problem in caring for the number of civilian casualties in addition to military casualties.

Timeline of the Korean War -

There were hundreds of men, women, and children who were wounded in the liberation of Seoul and they were brought in droves to the Clearing Station. This was alleviated by procuring Korean civilian doctors and nurses.

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They were set up in the wing of a school house where they were provided with supplies and supervision. Civilian injuries were severe. Clearing station personnel, at work in a schoolhouse, turned over one wing to the civilians, provided medical supplies and supervision, and found two Korean doctors and two nurses to bear the brunt of the work.

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The largest residential sections were burned out completely and one could hardly get into or out of the city because of the thousands of refugees. Insert this annotation below Seoul photo. Unable to confirm same site. Here word arrived that guerillas had ambushed the preceding serial of the convoy, delaying departure for Pusan. About on the ninth, the convoy was attacked.

The movement to Pusan was not without incident. On two occasions, enemy forces ambushed convoys.

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The first ambush on October 6 inflicted nine casualties. Enemy machine gun fire killed six men and destroyed several vehicles. October 8, The enemy was indifferent to the Western etiquette of war.

Attacks on medical personnel, vehicles and tents became the rule rather than the exception. First annotation insert above Bronze Star Award Letter. The convoy was ambushed en-route and suffered several casualties. Second annotation insert above Bronze Star Award letter. Insert photocopy of Bronze Star Award letter with graphic enhancement.

On this date, a division convoy, enroute to Pusan, Korea, was ambushed and prevented from proceeding. Casualties consisted of six killed and twelve wounded in action. Without regard for his personal safety, Captain Hughes voluntarily advanced to a position approximately one thousand yards forward of the nearest friendly troops and, under heavy enemy fire and constant observation, administered medical care to the wounded men. Upon arrival of litter bearers, Captain Hughes proceeded further forward to two causalities in the immediate area of the enemy.

After directing cover fire upon the enemy, he succeeded in treating and evacuating the two wounded men. The heroism displayed by Captain Hughes on this occasion reflects great credit on himself and the military service. Entered the military service from the State of Massachusetts. October 10, The unit arrived at Pusan on the 10th of October and bivouacked outside the city. Drawing of Captain Hughes in a jeep with a trailer attached. October 15, General MacArthur predicts the war will be over by Christmas and China will not intervene.

Warnock, A. Timothy, Ed. Patrick on October 16, We throw food over to them. October 19, Under cover of darkness, Chinese troops begin to cross the Yalu River into North Korea on the night of October 19, Highly skilled in camouflage, they did so undetected. II, Chap. Army Center of Military History. Insert historical facts page above Yalu River crossing photo. The sailing of the convoys was delayed for about two weeks because the Wonsan Harbor destination was still being cleared of mine fields.

My boys sneaked dogs, pigs and rabbits onto the ship without anyone seeing them. The Captain found them and got very mad.

Late October Chinese forces attacked in late October, bloodied many American troops and then disappeared. The 7th Division was ultimately diverted to Iwon, a coastal town far to the north. I have a snow jacket just like yours with a hood and fur on it. The consequences are devastating. It was the military designation for naval vessels created during WW II to support amphibious operations.

The ships could carry a significant quantity of vehicles, cargo and landing troops directly onto an unimproved shore.