The ammonia discharge tube

examples having a physical or mathematical ofkn than not yield functions not to be found in complex types of differential equations. 6. Approximate values may be used for the singularities when residue theory -klCl with C, = 6, at t = 0.

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Bjerager and S. A fast approximate method for parameter sensitivity estimation in Monte Carlo structural reliability. Computers and Structures Bourinet.

Theory, S. Lu, Z. Song, J. Yue, S. Wang et al. Reliability Engineering and System Safety Universal properties of kernel functions for probabilistic sensitivity analysis Stochastic sensitivity analysis by dimensional decomposition and score functions Development of a localized probabilistic sensitivity method to determine random variable regional importance Probabilistic Sensitivity Analysis With Respect to Bounds of Truncated Distributions Sampling-Based Stochastic Sensitivity Analysis Using Score Functions for RBDO Problems With Correlated Random Variables Uncertainty and sensitivity analysis in the presence of stochastic and subjective uncertainty Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation Probability of loss of assured safety in systems with multiple time-dependent failure modes: Representa- tions with aleatory and epistemic uncertainty.

Reliability Engineering and System Safety Conceptual structure and computational organization of the performance assessment for the proposed high-level radioactive waste repository at Yucca Mountain, Nevada. Reliability Engineering and System Safety Aleatory or epistemic? Does it matter? Structural Safety Some useful features of the Bayesian setting while dealing with uncertainties in industrial practice Estimation of a quantity of interest in uncertainty analysis: Some help from Bayesian decision theory. Reliability Engineering and System Safety Imprecise probabilities in engineering structures Surrogate models for uncertainty quantification in the context of imprecise probability modelling An exploration of alternative approaches to the representation of uncertainty in model predictions.

Reliability Engineering and System Safety Storlie. A sampling-based computational strategy for the representation of epistemic uncertainty in model predictions with evidence theory Representation of analysis results involving aleatory and epistemic uncertainty Quantification of margins and uncertainties: Alternative representations of epistemic uncertainty Probabilistic interval reliability of structural systems Structural reliability analysis for p-boxes using multi-level meta-models On upper and lower bounds for quantity of interest in problems subject to epistemic uncertainty Hierarchical propagation of probabilistic and non-probabilistic uncertainty in the parameters of a risk model Evaluation of failure probability under parameter epistemic uncertainty: application to aerospace system reliability assessment Estimation of small failure probabilities in high dimensions by subset simulation Bayesian Data Analysis , Honor of Prof.

Omission sensitivity factors. Zio, E.

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Ferrario, A. Pasanisi, and M. Couplet Lebrun and A. Do Rosenblatt and Nataf isoprobabilistic transformations really differ? Structural Reliability Methods , pp. Hall, J.

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Iman, J. Davenport et al. Reliability Engineering and System Safety Sensitivity Analysis for Bayesian Hierarchical Models Design of computer experiments: space filling and beyond Accelerated uncertainty propagation in two-level probabilistic studies under monotony , Reliability Engineering and System Safety [62] M. Balesdent, J. Morio, and L. Huffman-]-t, J. Most, P.

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Protter-]-r, S. Rubinstein et al. Universitext The score function approach for sensitivity analysis of computer simulation models Importance sampling: a review Estimation of rare event probabilities using cross-entropy Bayesian Reliability Efficient Algorithm for Second-Order Reliability Analysis , Parameters. Non-parametric adaptive importance sampling for the probability estimation of a launcher impact position. Reliability Engineering and System Safety Proc. Straub and I.

Probability Essentials

Morio, and N. Reliability-based sensitivity analysis of aerospace systems under distribution parameter uncertainty using an augmented approach Proc. Vienna, J.

Stochastic homogenization for a diffusion-reaction model

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Probability: introduction

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