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Aspirin use for the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease and colorectal cancer: US Preventive Services Task Force recommendation statement.

Multiple risk factor interventions for coronary heart disease

Ann Intern Med. Emerging risk factors for coronary heart disease: a summary of systematic reviews conducted for the U. Preventive Services Task Force. The ankle-brachial index for peripheral artery disease screening and cardiovascular disease prediction among asymptomatic adults: a systematic evidence review for the U. Ankle brachial index combined with Framingham Risk Score to predict cardiovascular events and mortality: a meta-analysis. Using nontraditional risk factors in coronary heart disease risk assessment: U. Preventive Services Task Force recommendation statement.

Screening for peripheral artery disease and cardiovascular disease risk assessment with the ankle-brachial index in adults: U. C-reactive protein as a risk factor for coronary heart disease: a systematic review and meta-analyses for the U. A systematic review for the screening for peripheral arterial disease in asymptomatic patients.

Risk factors for coronary artery disease: Historical perspectives Hajar R - Heart Views

J Vasc Surg. Coronary artery calcium score prediction of all cause mortality and cardiovascular events in people with type 2 diabetes: systematic review and meta-analysis. Added value of CAC in risk stratification for cardiovascular events: a systematic review. Eur J Clin Invest. Improvements in risk stratification for the occurrence of cardiovascular disease by imaging subclinical atherosclerosis: a systematic review. C-reactive protein and cardiovascular disease in East Asians: a systematic review. Clin Med Insights Cardiol. Prognostic value, clinical effectiveness, and cost-effectiveness of high-sensitivity C-reactive protein as a marker for major cardiac events in asymptomatic individuals: a health technology assessment report.

Critical appraisal of CRP measurement for the prediction of coronary heart disease events: new data and systematic review of 31 prospective cohorts. Int J Epidemiol.

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The effect of including C-reactive protein in cardiovascular risk prediction models for women. Net reclassification indices for evaluating risk prediction instruments: a critical review. Cardiovascular disease risk profiles. Am Heart J. An updated coronary risk profile: a statement for health professionals.

Prediction of coronary heart disease using risk factor categories.

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National Cholesterol Education Program. General cardiovascular risk profile for use in primary care: the Framingham Heart Study. Ottawa Hospital Research Institute website.

Heart Disease Risk Factors

Published Accessed April 8, PLoS Med. Use of electron beam tomography data to develop models for prediction of hard coronary events. Electron-beam tomography coronary artery calcium and cardiac events: a month follow-up of initially asymptomatic low- to intermediate-risk adults. What can be expected from risk scores for predicting postoperative nausea and vomiting? Br J Anaesth. Utility of nontraditional risk markers in atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease risk assessment.

Development and validation of an ankle brachial index risk model for the prediction of cardiovascular events.

Eur J Prev Cardiol. C-reactive protein, fibrinogen, and cardiovascular disease prediction. Treatment of asymptomatic adults with elevated coronary calcium scores with atorvastatin, vitamin C, and vitamin E: the St. Francis Heart Study randomized clinical trial.

The Prevention of Progression of Arterial Disease and Diabetes POPADAD trial: factorial randomised placebo controlled trial of aspirin and antioxidants in patients with diabetes and asymptomatic peripheral arterial disease. Circ Cardiovasc Imaging. Value of CACS compared with ETT and myocardial perfusion imaging for predicting long-term cardiac outcome in asymptomatic and symptomatic patients at low risk for coronary disease: clinical implications in a multimodality imaging world.

Does CAC testing alter downstream treatment patterns for cardiovascular disease? Am J Manag Care. C-reactive protein and other circulating markers of inflammation in the prediction of coronary heart disease. Coronary calcium score improves classification of coronary heart disease risk in the elderly: the Rotterdam study. Coronary risk stratification, discrimination, and reclassification improvement based on quantification of subclinical coronary atherosclerosis: the Heinz Nixdorf Recall Study. An assessment of incremental coronary risk prediction using C-reactive protein and other novel risk markers: the atherosclerosis risk in communities study.

Arch Intern Med. Aspirin for prevention of cardiovascular events in a general population screened for a low ankle brachial index: a randomized controlled trial. Data on coronary artery calcium score performance and cardiovascular risk reclassification across gender and ethnicities. Data Brief. Comparison of coronary artery calcification, carotid intima-media thickness and ankle-brachial index for predicting year incident cardiovascular events in the general population.

Eur Heart J. Coronary artery calcium score combined with Framingham score for risk prediction in asymptomatic individuals.

Utility of C-reactive protein for cardiovascular risk stratification across three age groups in subjects without existing cardiovascular diseases. Am J Cardiol. Cardiovascular event prediction and risk reclassification by coronary, aortic, and valvular calcification in the Framingham Heart Study. J Am Heart Assoc. Combining risk markers improves cardiovascular risk prediction in women.

Clin Sci Lond. Prevalence and prognostic implications of coronary artery calcification in low-risk women: a meta-analysis.

Twin Cities Campus:

Evaluation of newer risk markers for coronary heart disease risk classification: a cohort study. C-reactive protein modulates risk prediction based on the Framingham score: implications for future risk assessment: results from a large cohort study in southern Germany. E3 Google Scholar Crossref. Int J Cardiol.

Impact of subclinical atherosclerosis on cardiovascular disease events in individuals with metabolic syndrome and diabetes: the multi-ethnic study of atherosclerosis. Diabetes Care. Coronary calcium scans and radiation exposure in the multi-ethnic study of atherosclerosis.