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Find more strategic study materials. Join the Astranti Community:. How to qualify for the pass guarantee. Complete the mock exams You must complete all 3 mock exams and send them to your allocated marker by the deadlines set out in the course schedule. Do not copy the solutions You must not copy the mock exam solutions.

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  5. Download 0. CIMA are updating the existing syllabus from November focusing on areas that are more relevant to the modern business environment for example the Internet of things and cyber security. These changes will affect both objective test and integrated case study exams for the professional stage syllabus but no changes currently planned for the certificate level syllabus.

    There is a much larger focus on IT and the 'digital world' in the new syllabus. Acorn plan to have new CIMA syllabus study material available May , so in the meantime keep motivated and study hard!

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    External PDF. Our CIMA study manuals are easy to use, with full comprehensive syllabus coverage, exam standard examples and chapter revision summaries for greater revision focus. Also included are two real style mock exams for further exam practice. Live24Tutors is the complete tuition and exam question practice package for the home, office, train, anywhere! Available on-line internet access required or USB stick available.

    It delivers outstanding CIMA focused tuition; the full syllabus covered in FULL sound and animation with concise tuition and illustration of exam standard examples to gain greater understanding.

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    Our new exam practice kits for Integrated Case Study ICS exams will explain exactly how to maximise your marks when answering exam requirements. Targeting specifically what examiners are looking for it demonstrates good technique to pass your exam first time with confidence. Also included are a number of different exam standard tasks to complete with solutions based on the syllabus learning outcomes and components.

    Once purchased we will contact you with a PDF sent by e-mail or to notify you of date of delivery if ordering a published hard copy. Two mock exams based on your exam pre-seen information with suggested solutions. Marking and feedback is also available based on your typed responses submitted by e-mail to our expert team of CIMA tutors. Once purchased we will contact you with PDF files sent by e-mail.

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    7. A valuable on-demand tuition tool for those wanting to pass Integrated Case Study exams, first time! Perhaps I should be a sniper with such deadly accuracy when searching for these pass marks.

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      But you should prepare in the same meticulous fashion as you did to pass your previous exams. I finished the E3 exam with 20 minutes to spare, so do not worry too much about the time pressure of the exam. Follow the strategy by picking out the shorter, easier questions first and answer them. Come back to the longer questions later. You will have time to give them careful, considered thought. They are the key to passing any CIMA exam and you should make sure you have covered the whole syllabus before attempting them, taking full mock exams too early will damage your confidence.