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Is There A Secret Growth Hormone Added To China's Economy?

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Deng Xiaoping’s role in transforming China

Module 1 Lecture References 10m. Quiz 1 practice exercise. Quiz 1 16m. Video 7 videos. Reading 2 readings. Module 2 Course Reading 10m. Alipay was founded in , they operate in more than 27 currencies, more than countries, and more than 60, stores accept Alipay. It is the most advanced payment solution in the world. Sesame and Zhina are financial services focused on credit, with more than million people.

Alibaba currently employ 60, employees around the globe directly. They create 11 million indirect jobs. They have annually million consumers. In China, anything can be purchased and delivered within 24 hours.

Beware China's slowing economy

The numbers are so impressive as to leave one awestruck. At every second, it is possible to know the number of buyers, sellers, best-selling products, countries that buy the most, countries that import the most, and so on. It is fascinating. In contrast, Alibaba uses all this data to control and ensure the success of the operation. In addition, the default list goes to the government that shares the list among the government entities such as public transportation.

Likewise, the risk of being defaulter is not worth it. Alibaba controls the e-commerce retail in the same way that the Chinese Communist Party controls the country. If it is working in the public sector, it will work in the private sector too.

Alibaba is working from the bottom up to help China enhance its economy. When he launched Taobao, the Chinese version of e-Bay — a live marketplace, Ma did not charge commissions from buyers and sellers. He believed that once the sellers made a profit, he would make a profit. Whatever we do, we try to make sure that the society is good. If you keep the money in your own pocket, you will be in trouble. If you put the glory in your hand, you will be in trouble. So when you have the money, spend the money supporting more people.

When you are in power, empower the others. When the glory, make sure the other people have that. Then you will be happy. According to the Chinese Communist Party, China has the goal to eradicate poverty by Chinese people will help boost Chinese economy. Thus, I believe that the domestic economy in China will see a continuous growth, although it will not grow as fast as its foreign economy. Although I lack expertise and truly in-depth about China, I cannot foresee that the Chinese Communist regime will survive, but I believe it can persevere for a long time if it continues evolving.

First, Chinese communism is not the same communism of Josef Stalin of the early 20 th century. I believe they have learned a great deal from the mistakes of the past, so they are looking for new alternatives for the future.

In the period between to , during the Great Chinese famine, more than 40 million people died of hunger and poor working conditions. By this, I say that the Chinese Communist Party learned a lot from its mistakes, and in response to that, they managed to put more than million people above the poverty level in 40 years.

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Second, the Chinese Communist Party counts with more than 89 million representatives. Furthermore, the Chinese Communist Party uses a meritocracy system, which aims to select political leaders with above-average ability to make morally informed political judgments. Third, democracy, especially U. Unfortunately, not everyone knows what the best for them is.

In less than 30 years, Brazil had two presidents impeached, one president imprisoned for corruption, two under investigation for corruption. In addition, democracy in Latin American, European and African countries led to a rise of populism. Populist governments are extremely radical, are against immigration, favor an excerpted nationalism and work for an elite that controls the country. Populism can be either left or right wing, but both are a disease in the democratic system because of the lack of maturity and political knowledge of voters.

Last, the core values of socialism are present in all corners of China. The 12 values are prosperity, democracy, civility and harmony; the social values of freedom, equality, justice and the rule of law; and the individual values of patriotism, dedication, integrity and friendship. In tier cities, there are many billboards demonstrating the core values of socialism.

Interview: Expert says China's economic, political development key to world stability

In addition, in Beijing, the capital of China, in several main avenues, there are gardens decorating the same 12 core values. I believe that there is no perfect political system, although the Chinese political system seems to be effective and long-lasting.

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Therefore, for China, its ability to rise peacefully in a Western-democratic system, while the Chinese Communist Party remains in power, is a viable possibility. China is becoming the Middle Kingdom that it has always been. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content. June 8, June 8, Dennis Meaney 0 Comments.