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examples having a physical or mathematical ofkn than not yield functions not to be found in complex types of differential equations. 6. Approximate values may be used for the singularities when residue theory -klCl with C, = 6, at t = 0.

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Touzet - About the analytic classification of two dimensional Druel - A decomposition theorem for singular spaces with trivial Guenancia - A decomposition theorem for singular spaces with Amerik - On the characteristic foliation A. Belotto da Silva - Singular foliations in sub-Riemannian geometry Binyamini - Point counting for foliations over number fields J. Annals of Math.

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C. Leininger - Teichmüller spaces and pseudo-Anosov homeomorphism (Part 1)

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The Macfarlane Collection

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Handbook of Teichmüller Theory, Volume I

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Introduction to Contact Geometry by Dheeraj Kulkarni

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University of Pavia. Viveca Erlandsson. University of Bristol.

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Dmitri Gekhtman. Francois Gueritaud.