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And even though Liz made mistakes and messed up she is willing to take responsibility for her part and tries to make things right but Ethan takes her on a emotional roll a coaster and I wanted to just reach through my head phones and slap him. This book will make you laugh and cry and will pull you just a little further into the world of Fools Gold. Very disappointing. Too much rehashing and saying the same thing over and over. Not believable even for a romance novel.

I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the other Fools Gold stories, but this one made me want to scream, 'You didn't do anything wrong, stop apologizing. Starting book No. By the way, love Tanya Eby's narration. I loved the beginning stories of a little town called Fool's Gold. I'd definitely read it again. This love story is all about second chances and how the twists in life can make all the difference. Faith and love - both in yourself and others.

Great addition to the Fool's Gold community! The story dragged and kept going on and on about him not understanding or believing her so it was unrealistic and frustrating to listen to and they didn't understand and accept each other until the last 5 min of the book with no epilogue about how their life were after all the heartache which I feel we deserved after all the back and fourth. Your audiobook is waiting….

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By: Susan Mallery. Narrated by: Tanya Eby. Length: 8 hrs and 56 mins. Categories: Romance , Contemporary. People who bought this also bought Publisher's Summary Back in high school, Liz Sutton was the girl from the wrong side of the tracks. Gather more Fool's Gold. What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall. Amazon Reviews. Sort by:. Most Helpful Most Recent.

Hero or Zero? LeftyMom North Carolina Better than the first but Catherine Zaramba Best one so far I started this series with book Bookworm Some men are pigs Is there anything you would change about this book? Jeanette L. Saunders NC Getting Better I am glad that I took the chance a purchased the second book in this series since the first book was just kind of ok.

We're lead to believe its because he was young. Strictly speaking for myself, I just plainly felt he didn't love her at all. In my opinion, Heros can be forgiven for almost eanything, but not before they suffer a little to prove the reader he is genuinely sorry and in love, etc This one is basically like this: 'Hero" is a jerk because he is immature, then he is a jerk because he is mad, then he is a jerk because he cannot turn back time, then he is a jerk because he HAS TO DO THE RIGHT THING, and finally, he is a jerk because he actually is forgiven by accident his plan was only to inform the city part of the blame was his, but after all the crap he put Liz trough he was not capable of 1 great gesture!

I love flawed characters, but this one is not flawed, and he is very far away of being almost perfect, he is simply a jerk. Etha never felt sorry for how he treated Liz during teens,not when she came back and things he did to hurt her and never for once apologise to her or Grovel I gave 2 stars only for Liz cause way she fights through all odds Read it but mostly if you can ignore it Oct 25, Jacob Proffitt rated it really liked it Shelves: steamy , romance.

It looks like sticking with Mallery paid off, and I'm so glad it did. Liz was certainly the big draw. I liked her from the start. She's strong and smart and kind and doing her best as a mother. Indeed, the motherhood moments in the book were standouts both in the character of her son as well as her interactions with the nieces dumped in her lap. Liz shows courage and no small amount of forbearance in dealing with the town an It looks like sticking with Mallery paid off, and I'm so glad it did.

Liz shows courage and no small amount of forbearance in dealing with the town and Ethan and his family, as well, and I really liked that.

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Ethan, on the other hand, was much more problematic. As one of nature's paladins myself, I couldn't help identifying with his desire to do what's right. What I had substantially less patience with was his lack of empathy or understanding of what he had done and to some extent, continued to do to Liz.

What he did would have destroyed a lesser woman and her recovery enough to spend any time with him was nothing short of miraculous. Ethan is saved, somewhat, by his family; and I don't just mean in terms of them taking focus away from him. His care for his family and their willingness to take him to task saved me from writing him off and wishing Liz would find someone else to sigh over.

Indeed, the family relationships in this novel are outstanding and a large part of what made this work. The secondary characters were a huge win, actually, all the way from the ornery ladies who kept telling Liz how much they hated her to Pia as the ex-mean-girl turned friend.

Series: Fool's Gold

And yeah, the ornery ladies weren't fun , but they were a great stand-in for the downside of the small town and thus validation for Liz' memories of persecution. I do have to wonder where the title comes from. The only thing "Almost Perfect" was Ethan's ability to screw up every major interaction with Liz he had. It was like watching a blind man navigate a minefield, only with his seeing eye dog replaced with a bomb-sniffing dog.

It's fortunate we're in his head in typical romance style because knowing his side helped me wince instead of wail. Anyway, this was an entertaining read that kept me up way too late last night. And that's an endorsement all on its own. A note about Steamy : Standard contemporary romance, and probably standard Mallery.

About the middle of my tolerance with two explicit sex scenes. They were more integrated into the emotional story arc than in the first book, though, so more fitting overall.

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Jul 17, Vanessa rated it did not like it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Should be far from perfect! Ethan claimed that he loved Liz and then he seemed to get what he wanted and dumped her pretty quickly.


Liz is shocked that Ethan can claim he knew nothing about Should be far from perfect! His excuse — he was a kid! Okay, maybe that will float, but guess what he is a jerk later on and he is no longer a KID! What happened to the Disney land plans? Nothing further was mentioned on that. The second dinner after they had already eaten. How come everyone in this little town knew her secrets, but no one knew his? Not one of the nosey citizens lifted a finger for her or the two little girls later. Why did Ethan continue to defend his dead wife?